Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 16, Red Fish, Blue Fish ... Seafood to Avoid (and letter to Sobeys)

Most supermarket chains still sell some of the 21 Red List species; we can send a powerful message by buying less of them. Sobeys, unfortunately, sells the most Red List species in Canada.

Red List Fish
Atlantic haddock (scrod), Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic salmon (farmed), Atlantic sea scallops, Chilean seabass, Greenland halibut (turbot), Hard shell clams (Arctic surf clams), New Zealand hoki, Orange roughy, Sharks, Skates and rays, Swordfish, Tropical shrimps and prawns, Tuna - buluefin, bigeye, yellowfin, King crab, Monkfish, Alaska pollock, Rockfish/red fish, Hake, Fraser River sockeye salmon. Pics, methodology, and details here.

But what will still be tasty to eat?!


To: Sobeys

As a Sobeys customer, I'm pleased with the progress made to decrease the sale of longline swordfish, your consumer engagement, and the work you have accomplished with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. 

However, I am upset to hear that Sobeys sells the most Redlist species of major Canadian grocers. Please follow the example set by other supermarkets and get that number down as far as possible. Please also work to include information as to where and how seafood is caught/farmed. 

I look forward to your progress.

Sent to:
Sobeys National
1680 Tech Ave. Unit 1
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5S9
(905) 212-9511 
Toll Free: 1.888.944.0442

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