Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 15, Safeway's Sustainable(ish) Seafood

Encouragingly, GP isn't leaving all of these supermarkets out to dry. They work with (interested) supermarkets to develop better policies, as well as with government to create policy requiring responsible fisheries management.  

And by "encourage" I mean they sued the government for doing so little to protect marine fisheries.  

Safeway is only third in Canada, but first in the United States, placing just above Whole Foods.

US Rankings

To: Safeway

As a Safeway customer, thank you for your efforts, such as improving your seafood sustainability policy; seeking alternatives to Redlist species; and starting a new labelling project.

I encourage Safeway to continue improving its procurement policy to include categories such as seafood ingredients in pet food, etc. , as well as to decrease sale of the following as soon as possible (taken from Greenpeace website): Fraser River sockeye salmon, Alaska pollock, hake, King crab, rockfish, tropical shrimp & prawns, farmed Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sea scallops, haddock, national brand canned yellowfin tuna and Atlantic cod.

Thank you!

Sent to both Canada and USA headquarters, may bank on this another day if I don't feel like doing a letter. Muahaha.

Customer Service Center
Safeway Inc. - M/S 10501
P.O. Box 29093
Phoenix, AZ

Advertising Department
Canada Safeway Limited
PO Box 864, Stn. "M"
Calgary, AB T2P 2J6

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