Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 17, Avoid Mercury with Smaller Fish, and letter to Metro

In the pre-humans-taking-over-planet era, fish were one of the healthiest foods around. Today, there are at least two major health concerns with fish: heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and antibiotics.

Luckily, avoiding fish on the RedList can also be good for your health.

1. Mercury stays in your body, and can be passed down to vulnerable babies through their mothers.

Easy Rule of Thumb?
"I shall have the smallest fish your restaurant has to offer, sire"

The bigger fish are more likely to have gathered a lot of mercury throughout their lifetime of snacking on little fish.

Sweet! Shrimp are tiny! I'm good to go, right?!

Er....not so's tomorrow's blog entry if you want the details (click shrimpy):


To: Metro, including subsidiary Food Basics

I am a current customer of your supermarket, and would like to thank you for the great strides you have made in creating more sustainable seafood - from removing several Redlist species, launching a trailblazing labeling program, and finalizing a 2014 implementation date for your sustainability policy. 

However, your red-graded identifying system should be improved, according to Greenpeace, "[at times] it does not necessarily reflect the urgency of the situation in some fisheries and aquaculture operations".

Please keep blazing the path towards better options, and thank you for your work!

Sent to:
Metro Ontario Inc. Customer Care Department
5559 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON
M9B 1B9

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