Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 27, BC Premier Clark and Enbridge

BC's Premier Clark rocked the Enbridge news in the past weeks with her definitive stance, refusing to partake in national energy strategy discussions "until we see some progress in the discussions between British Columbia, Alberta and the federal government with respect to the Gateway pipeline."

She set out 5 conditions including

  • "Deploying world-leading marine oil-spill response, prevention and recovery systems for B.C.'s coastline and ocean" and 
  • "Ensuring British Columbia receives a fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits of a proposed heavy oil project that reflects the level, degree and nature of the risk borne by the province, the environment and taxpayers."

Of course, the latter condition is the one which has been the most controversial. More money?!

No one is happy, though....many environmentalists and First Nations say the conditions are token, won't prevent spills, and put BC on sale to the highest bidder. Pipeline supporters are unhappy about the more money part.

The Letter

To: Premier Clark

I applaud your tough stance on the Enbridge Pipeline. While you have been plagued by criticism, I think it is important that someone takes a stand. Please keep going and don’t listen to the naysayers!

Your stance was an important factor in Enbridge committing to another $500m in safety measures.
Still, it’s not enough. As Suzuki said:

“B.C.’s premier should have renounced the [national energy strategy] proposal because it’s focused more on tar sands, pipelines, and markets than on getting Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions under control by shifting from fossil fuel dependency to a more efficient system based on conservation and renewable energy.”

Whatever the case, thanks for trying hard!

The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
Phone: 250-387-1715

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