Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 26, A Spill A Week - Principled Letter to Enbridge

Fun Fact: Enbridge for the past ten years averaged about a spill each week

Clarification: Having worked at an oil company, I know what counts as a spill. It can be something incredibly small in the realm of a few litres.

Judging from their own CSR reports, it's over 6 million gallons (~160,000 barrels) from 1999- 2010. People living or working nearby a spill feel it more, but it still affects everyone when the environment is sullied.

Source is National Wildlife Federation

Today's Letter
Definitely won't do anything (unlike publicly commenting here to the government of Canada). It's a general letter of dissent to Enbridge. What are they going to do, change their entire business?  Not likely.

But it's important to add to the dissenting voices (although I wonder if the more people writing into them, the more they will expend on shiny PR campaigns).

To: Enbridge

The Enbridge safety and environmental record is far from perfect. While this is understandable to a degree, even with proposed improvements it is not likely that Canadian citizens will want the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. 

The number of people in the public that support the pipeline may well be dwarfed by those who do not, which should be a consideration given the anticipated expenditure.

Thank you.

Sent to:

3000 Fifth Avenue Place
425 - 1st Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 3L8 Canada

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